Let a Ho Be a Ho Lyrics

M O double be

I don't know why they want to trouble me
Is it because they b**** be suckin me

Or just mad cause they s****** wit the family

We be bubbling up in the Navigator huddlin

While you frontin in that rental cuddling

With that weak a** b**** d*** right she snitch

And if I had in my misdt she'd be biting s***

Hook 2X:

Cause a ho gonna be a ho

A n**** gonna be a n****

No matter what the f*** you think

Got cash in my escrow, never gonna let it go
(Hell mothfuckin no!)

Chillin at the crib layin in my boxers

While shorty got bent spittin tha latest gossip

Didn't want to hear it in the middle cut her off

Lit a stog, smacked her a**, grabbed her by the draws

Bugged in the head but her looks turned me on

She tried to turn me on with edible thongs

Plus I like the way she sounded when repeatin my songs
From Queens to get to her crib didn't take long.

Said she had a man but was lcoked up in Attica

Freak off with the VCR to my camera

Afterw that s*** that happened to Tupac.

Yell rape? Show 'em the tape jus playin my part.

Opposed to being on tape but the G that I ran

Had her tongue in my ear and my d*** in her hand

When I thought I knew I shoulda brought my fam

Bring her to the lowest level and shared it with my mans

Hook 2X:
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