Allustrious Lyrics

Yeah Prodigy H A V O see
M O be be uh huh yeah
Uh huh uh huh uh huh
KnowhatI'msayin? 41st side
n***** know how we do right right
I can see you back there yeah (whattup?)
The Mobb'll spit that s*** rip that b**** leave it loose
Take s*** back to trip who fat Goose
Queensbridge representative ghetto entrepreneur stay on tour
d*** riders want to get em bullshit
The same law, same day contract, different clause
Don't run red lights, I never caught the blue b****
Gold medalist spit, doin this ever since
third time felon n****, who you tellin?

Chorus One: repeat 2X

Cause we Allustrious, ashes to ashes
and dust to dust, if you f*** with us
It's a must we bust, and if you stand wit us
Nine times out of ten son you might get bucked

Yo, the lost page of a wild rhyme writin n****
P holds the pen tightly, explode nightly
I count on one finger all y'all rap n***** that excite me
y'all n***** is trash rap - want to fight me?
You shook to death, take breaths and step lightly
y'all Little League n***** is so bald they might be
spent too much time with wifey, come out to play
with the hard-headed, Infamous song torture
Crack your knuckles, buckle up your pants tight
Pull your hats down, let's get it on like papi bar fights
My spiral book, hold the world's most lethal
There's no cure, for what my pen do neither
Bring the fever, y'all n***** is the rap Justin's
While we was gone for a moment, y'all kept the crowd goin now
move over bacon, time for som'in meatier
Your s***'s weak, your best song was mediocre
f*** a p****, how dare you entertain the thought
that you could come out to challenge me in blood talk?
Take a walk jerk this ain't Levert, Sweat and Johnny Gill
This is rap for real, somethin you feel
You catch a chill when you hear the Mobb bang through your stereo
It's heavy metal for the black people, rock'n'roll
but it's hip-hop though, my drug music
It's thereapeutic to the user, you slam dance to it
Chorus Two: repeat 2X

n**** we Infamous, ashes to ashes til death do us
And y'all weak to us
If you stand amongst us, prepare for the worst
It's a must we burst ours first

(last line changed 2X to "and it's a must we burst ours first, n****")

Yo.. crack the Henny bottle while I drop this jewel on your dome
My s***'ll touch home, straight to the core you ain't alone
Play the unknown type Dunn, mysterious stars
Concealin them slugs, if it go down, remember that mug
Cause ain't no love when a n**** s*** is touchin his ribs
Hungrier than a hostage, s***, we blitz
in formation pack the led up in s***
The better you get, the better we get, and that's it
Yo this snake's in the grass when they b*** Mobb anti-venom
Stop em in they tracks, goin at em when you send em
Imperial dogs, creepin through fog
Carved needle slip and you fold, the s***'s lethal
We roll Mobb D-iezel, the whole Q.U. double-E, N-S
And when you spot us, play low-key
Dunn these n***** is actresses, and they tryin to play the man's role
Can't they see us wildin on the video?
Don't they see us in the club swingin elbows?
Or on the street with our jewels on the cell phone?
Hoppin the sidewalk with Benzes and Jeeps
I ran through more cars than it's sand on the beach
I'm pleased to meet you, now here's a word to the smart
Don't ever let your peoples boost up your heart
Cause you'll f*** around and get your a** torn apart
Challengin the Mobb in the arts
Our literature stands collossal, compared to y'alls
Way ahead of your time, you're strugglin to keep up
Your style's limited, your rap's primitive
Go 'head with that bullshit you kicked Dunn

Chorus Two

Chorus Two

Chorus Two (fades our partway through)
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Murda Muzik (1999)