My Blue Angel Lyrics

You're such a serious girl
You've got the weight of the world on your shoulders
You hide away in your room
And every day you get just that much older
Your mind is filled with politics
Global trends and dirty tricks
Let it breathe let it be
Find a little heaven (find a little heaven with me)

My blue angel it's no crime
To make sweet love in the moonlight
My blue angel there's a time
A time for saving the day
And time to fly away
You've got a beautiful face
Oh but you're wearing the saddest expression
You know that life is too short
For only seeing your darkest obsession

You're so consumed with social views
Conspiracies and hidden clues
Give it up set it free
Came and spread your wings (come and spread your wings for me)

The Middle East, Bejing Square, guncontrol, polluted air,
The right to life, the CIA, the mystery of JFK
Brutality and acid rain, homelessness and so much pain
Crazy times, violent crimes, its enough to blow the mind
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