Crazy Dream Lyrics

The party's on the room is crowded
Your conversation is so polite
And when you dance you keep your distance
No one's gonna walk you home tonight
You're searching for the perfect love
You dreamed of when you were young
You'll find it or you won't have anyone

[Chorus ]
Why not forget your crazy dream
About a love that can't exist
Cause while you dream so much you miss
You waste a lifetime
Just take a look below the surface
His golden hair will be turning grey
Though in your mind you pictured heaven
Even heaven has a rainy day

No one touch a dream
So forever you've been on your own
You're older and you are still all alone

Why don't you take a look around
Not everyone has settled down
But you still think you're seventeen
It's a crazy dream

So take a chance and take your shot
No paradise but it's all we've got
And I will try to make your dreams come true
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