African Queen Lyrics

She walks around slowly like a lion some kind of animal
Beauty's the beast walking through the jungle the world is at her feet
She passes by not a word is spoken man she's got these eyes
With just a look animal instinct takes over your higher mind
The body's weak the will is weaker
You think I'm crazy mister you ain't seen her

She's an African queen (sha la la la)
Your most primitive dream (sha la la la)
Close your eyes and repeat (sha la la la)
Beauty's only skin deep (sha la la la)
She loves to dance when the spirit moves her she moves like no one else
She makes you laugh get's you thinking crazy till you don't know yourself

Go one jump in the water's waiting
Now you've been warned so boy don't say you ain't been

Never says nothing just comes around
Stealing your heart without a sound
Uh she comes like a thief in the night
And she means to steal you blind
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