Pride & Prejudice Lyrics

Growing frightened of the sound of my own voice
I really didn't want to listen, but I had no choice
All the things you taught me begin to ring untrue
Now all I wanna do, all I wanna do is love you
Pride and prejudice
Keep us from being together
Lies and cowardice
The walls that keep us locked out
Sticks and stones may break us
But the fire of hate will burn us down
Now we're all alone
With the war inside our souls

Everything I'm feeling is reflected in your eyes
Can't you see?
But caught up in a struggle and too blind to realize
That to love without connection
There's a rule that makes us strong
The only place to find it
Is deep inside and it's been there all along
(Repeat Chorus)

There is a hunger in the human heart
That leads us to the light
There is a higher power
To teach us wrong from right
(Repeat Chorus)

Inside our souls

No more hate, no more lies
We're all the same in God's eyes
Show some faith and peace will come
Give your heart and trust in love
No more pain, no more tears
Time to chase away the fears
Make this world a better place
Resurrect the human race

Let love in, let love in to your heart
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