A Magical Place Lyrics

you slay me
you bring me hope in a world
full of fear
and you get me off to start
that never stops
like wild horses on a windy dau
i feel you now
and you're blowing thru me like a melody
within my heart, so magical
christopher max:
lord help me
i've found a one way ticket to ecstasy
i can't turn it down
when all that's left behind me is a pool of tears
don't let me drown
i'll never find another who can take me there
where my heart can feel, so magical
over the sun, beyond the moon
where all desire lies
thru time & s***e
a magical place
i've found within your eyes
don't tell me
i know what you're thinking & it's all
o.k. with me
cuz there's nowhere deeper i could ever feel
i'd wanna be
with body, mind & soul
i give myself to you
wont'cha set me free?so magical
pretty soon someday, one day
for always
we're gonna find, we're gonna find out
that one day is today
and we've never wasted our time with love
thru time & s***e
a magical place
i've found within you
chorus x3
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