Coloured Kisses Lyrics

Red, the fire that burns myheart
When you're near it wraps me up
Now I find the s***e to feel blue
Like the water it fills me with peace
When you love me again I still breathe
Knowing you're at my side
Your soul is mine
But I long for your touch
It's hurting so much

You give me, give me colored kisses
Colored kisses for my lips to taste
You lead me, lead me to an oasis
An oasis where I can lay
My head on your shoulder and pray
What else can I do?
Cause all I want is more and more
Colored kisses from you
Yellow is the sun that shines on me
Like your smile it sets me free
Seasons change to blacken my mood
When I falter my heart goes astray
I remember the nights when you'd take me away
Because when I'm in your arms
I'm safe and warm but never alone
Because my heart is your home
I pray that no one can take me from you
And no one can break us in two
So lift us up in clouds
Set me free and let your bow shine on me

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