Strange Things Lyrics

Strange things happening round the corner
But their aim is unclear.
And I know that I felt much warmer, But that was last year.
And I remember visions of Joanna in the heat of summer Rome.
And then there was that girl from Pinner
Who turned a mouse into a Gnome.

But there's a year of thunder, a year of ice;
Years of blunders and years of vice.

Then there was that girl from Vauxhall
For a year and a half;
With the help of my priapic muscle
We had a d*** good laugh.
And now I find it's not the same in here,
Why am I lying on the floor?

You know somebody went insane in here,
And now they're knocking on my door.
(I'm feeling alright
Down here in the south of the world.
I'm feeling alright. feeling fine.
Feeling everything going the right way now.
I'm crazy ... I've got somebody else...)
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