Nasty Girl Lyrics

I hate Shoshona with a passion.
She's in bed with Cory and Michael Jackson.
She's a hoe but she's our chaperone.
She lied to Nina's parents on the telephone.
I hate Shoshana, she has no cares.
She's not good for children.
She has a fake tan, she's a Fake and Baker.
She works out at the gym so nobody can take her.
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Put Yo Hood Up (2001)
Y'all Ain't Ready Uhh Ohh Put Yo Hood Up Bia' Bia' Bia' Bia' Check In Who U Wit Let My Nuts Go Move b**** Heads Off Sexlude Can't Stop Pimpin' Bounce Day Nothin's Free Searcylude Where Dem Girlz At I Like Dem Girlz Nasty Girl DJ Hershey Live Go Shawty Go Outro Bia' Bia' II