Da Blow Lyrics

[Chorus - Gangsta Boo (9x):]
Da blow ...
DA pills...
Da yak...
Da herb...
DA blow..DA blow..DA blow..DA blow..DA blow
[Lil' Jon]
DA dro, Da percs, da ounce, get Pushed!
Get back, no halves, no edge will give ya hash!, I'll join ya 2, but do ya n***** smoke a blunt of this,
You wanna smoke wit me don't bring no bullshit, da blue, thumping, white spinners, the green nickles,
That red superman, that peach b***er fire, that white Rolex, you'll have those hoes hotter than a box of stolen checks,
The snow, the white, yeah Miami get crunk, when I see 'em in the club they be sniffing up that skunk,
Homie 1 gee ya right, give me 1 G' of white (white), give me 2 G' of white (white),
Give me 3 G'f of white (white), an 8 ball for the night.
If you wanna get you lean, there ain't nothing but that yella, all that purp' down in Texas
Them n***** got whatever, gally gally of that henna (Hennesy) mix it wit that crunk juice,
We'll have a n**** spinning

[Chorus 5x]

[Gangsta Boo]
Yeah I got that weed for the low
Those pills for the low
That blow for the low
Young n**** you ain't know,
When I ride I roll high
Man an I ain't telling no lie,
When this s*** get in my brain,
I grip the grain and fly by,
Say dawg you got that good up in the hood we calling mint, right another thing we do some call it blow, some call it cocaine,
f*** head nah n****, I've been on that bang bang hard bouncing front to back,
Watch me change the lane lane,
Cause don't be talking that s***, the s*** that I get, you b****** can't get,
The measure the A the north and the south, is on the ground, the under under ground ground smoked out,
Fulla green, f*** what you heard b**** yeah I'm back up on the scene,
If you wanna get high, you should f*** wit gangsta boo, I be turning n***** out,
Watch how quick I turn you into a smoked out, locked out, freaky m***********, on that exed out passed out,
While I pout another on da...
[Chorus 5x]
[Lil' Bo]
I been getting in that work
I got pounds on this perc
I'm a pimp b**** f*** you pull up your own skirt, skirt we don't give a f***, 26's on the truck,
f*** around 'til you show up, we gon' tear this b**** up, I got x, I got weed, I got anything you need,
When you see me in the street, just holla at me, throw a dolla at me, b**** swallow at me,
This ya n**** lil bo from the E.S.B.

[Big Sam]
See n**** I smoke everyday, I'm 'bout to light up sum hay, I got that s*** that will put your mind up in the day,
But I don't f*** wit the blow, but I f*** wit sum hoes, that be freaky, x outta control,
I remember back in the day, wit aches in bones, when n**** was riding in the city truck just to get to the dough,
But we the best in this town, they tried to shut Atlanta down, n**** was slanging b****** down, 20 kilos a pound!

[Chorus (till end of song)]

Underground (Underground) [7x]
Underground Rap [7x]
Keep (Keep) It Crunked Up [8x]
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