Crunk Juice Lyrics

A BME Clique (Yeah Yeahh)
We back motha f****** (We Back)
The Kings of Motha f***** crunk (Kings of Crunk)
Yeah Yeah
A Lil John (Lil john)
Lil Bo (Lil Bo)
Big Sam (Big Sam)
A BME clique (a mean)
It's time for some motha f***** crunk juice (Crunk Juice)
Get some crunk juice in your system (Yeah yeah)
Now this is about to be (What)
The most incredible (What)
Experience you eva felt in your f***** life (Yeah)
So sit back (Sit Back)
Smoke a blunt (Smoke a blunt)
And turn this s*** up (Turn this s*** up)
Yeah lets go hey lets go hey lets go
Stop that s*** lets go right now
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