Borderline Lyrics

O father our ruler
Mi know you still dea Yah--o o o
And you see the activity--yea, o yea
Of them who fight against we yea, o yea
You have seen the influence of the oppressor
And the effect it has upon the people--woo
So they fight against each other
Destroying their sister and brother
In these time, in these time, you can see war and crime
It happens on the border line--woo
Wicked man in high olaces--yea
You evil have spread throughout all boundaries
And you rejoice within your dirty ways day by day,
day by day, hear me say-o, o, o
You've been holding the reins of oppression for so long
Tormenting the poor with depression yea
Along with your evil advice...
You increase the pressure twice / In these times.
Corrupt are they in their thinking
Also in their doing--yea now
They set themselves in high possession
Spreading so far across the region--woo yea
Then they leave you in confusion--woo
Until the situation gets fatal
Therefore you deal with your brother in a brutal
Manner--yea / So they want you to be scatter
Far away from each other / In these time, in these time
You can see war and crime
It happen on the border line--woo, yea
So father our ruler / You must take over
Shower them with power
Let them know you control yah
Jah, Jah, Jah, / In these times, in these times
You can see war and crime
It happens on the border line
In these times, In these times
You can see war and crime
it happens on the border line.
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