Ambush Lyrics

Give my best. I receive your less.
Go away you racist. I put you through the test.
Your dirty game won't bring this light to shame.
I'm just a buffalo soldier. Survival is my game.
Your racist mentality keep I down in poverty.
You ambush in the night. Giving I a fight.
But Jah keep on surfacing. Jah keep I surviving.

Iya work so hard. You draw bad card.
Gimme that green money. You can take the award.
Lord we build the cabin. We plant the corn.
Now you back-stabbing me. Look me with your scorn.
Naw look no sympathy. / When I work pay I nuff money.
My tear drops is your sorrow, / And you midnight terror.
Like a thief in the night, / Jah judgement swift and right.

Keep I in the corner cause of my black skin tone.
But the stone that builder refuse,
Shall be the head corner stone.
They say smite the shepherd and scatter the sheep.
Foolish talk bark at flying bird. / your fancy talk is cheap.
Your racist mentality, make me feel fe get violently.
You ambush in the night. / Giving I a fight.
They say a hungry man is a angry man.

Slave driver, say the table is turn.
We are the survivors, you gonna get burn.
Another bad card, making my life so hard.
Go away with you other bad card. / Jah a the woner
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