Greedy Dog Lyrics

See you in the morning
As the sun rise
It's just another day
For you to realize
The time is dread
Oh, Rasta Children
If you stay in these corners
They kill you with tax I say
I rather to be
Where the grass is green always
Sitting under a tree
Where there's a running stream yeah
Yet never the less
It's because of the situation
Why we find ourselves
Down here inna Babylon
And I know
We naugh go bow down low
And I know
We naugh go bow down low
For, eye see kill Miss Thomas pus
And the greedy dog lose the bone
Just can't find
The way to come home
For he was crossing the bridge
So then he
Looked down in the waters
And he saw his shadow
And he opened his mouth
And his bone fell out
So when he opened his mouth
Then his bone fell out
So long
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