Imprisoned in Sorrow Lyrics

In the dark
I see your shadow in the dark
This vision haunting my mind
In my dreams, in my vain
And I yearn
I yearn for you in tears
My life is thrown away
I believe you will be there

With awe I turn to you and look into your eyes
My tears blinding my sight, my feelings in chaos
I can not face the truth too painful to accept
I can not face my life to live on without you
Imprisoned into myself
In this shell of sorrow

I run to face the light, which is not there
I search the love I once found now lost
Round in circles, can't go forward, can't go back
Trapped in this corner, forever searching
And I love
Yes I love you my precious one
Never I will rest, never will I stop
In my struggle for my life

Imprisoned into myself
In the shell of sorrow
Stuck in my pain
My life has no tomorrow
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