From the Dark Lyrics

Surrounded by dark and cold stone I am
What is this place? What am I doing here?
All is silent, all is so still
I feel the stones coldness against my back
Am I awake or is this a dream?
I cannot tell, my eyes see nothing at all
Am I alive or is this my death?
I feel no wind, nor can I hear any sounds
The air is so cold, the air is so damp
Oh could it be I am inside my own tomb?
Is this the end of my existence?
I cannot see; darkness is everywhere
Numb by the pain, I try to move
From my bed of stone, from this cold lonely vault
I must escape, I have to get out
Slowly I arise

...No memories...

Suddenly I see a glimpse of light
I slowly move towards the enticing light
...The light...
So distant and pale blue it glows
It seems to fade away before my very eyes
...No memories...

I walk through the dark
I must reach the light
Before it disappears into the pitch black
That surrounds me

Tired steps, stumbling on
Through the dark, for the light
I'm getting closer
I'm almost there
Will it reveal the truth?
Show me where I am?

Bleeding steps, from the dark, finally I am there

Out from the dark, into the light
I stand outside, feeling the wind on my face
My body aches, my mind is tired
With fear I gaze on the landscape before my eyes
In ruins it lays, a forsaken place
A desolate ground under the stars up above
In silence I stand, staring alone
Into the night sky...
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