The Calm Hunter Lyrics

Listen life itself
Trying to find an exit
Listen the pace
The pulse grows faster
Beware from beyond
Rises the calm hunter
Death, is it you?
Death, is it you?

From far away
You're closing in on me
From the dark world
From the world of shadows

Without any fear
I once chased your being
Back in the time
When I was the hunter
When I was scared
And when I am hiding away
Then you are here
Now I can feel your breath
Somewhere inside
I feel a silent embrace
What do you seek?
What gives you the right to condemn?

Your cleansing touch I can feel in my soul
Not a warm, nor a cold grip around my heart
Good or evil
Lay to waste
I will follow you
Without demanding to know
Where will we go

Good or evil
Is no more
I followed you
Without demanding to know
Where did we go

Relentless command
All have to follow you there
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