Born From Shadows Lyrics

"At last ! The saviour is here !
Brought forth from the western darkness
Our hope ! For the peace we sought
For so long, will it finally come ?
The black cyclone will engulf
The world and leave nothing behind
The end of our suffering, our pain
Release us from this earthbound tomb"

Deep in the ground, hidden from their eyes
The living will envy the dead
Who have found peace, in the beyond
Eternal rest for the soul

The harvest moon, ominous gaze
From blackened sky, all-seeing eye
Fills man's weak heart, with fear and with woe
Shivering souls, imminent doom
Clear as the ice, the moonstone glows
Creator of life, bringer of hope
Bright as the sun, with fire inside
Born from shadows, tool of the end

The time will come
The end is at hand
The two will clash
And bring forth the dark
Night of all nights
Endless peril and loss
The time will come
For the world to fall
Wielding the staff of death and (the) dark
Relentless bringer of the end
Sacrifice in blood, for the red stone
To bring, destruction to all

Silence spreads over the cold plains
Cold winds blow through the trees
The time for th twins to become one
The call of destiny is upon us

The end draws nearer
Ina flash of light
All fades to black
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