Voodoo Baby Lyrics

Should've known the night I met you
You would be my doom
Swear I heard the walls crying
When you walked into the room
Should've been more careful
When the black cat crossed my path
Cause just one look in your eyes
And there could be no turning back
Now I get dizzy every time you come around
The room is spinning faster but my feet are on the ground
No chains around me but I can't seem to break free
You must have cast some kind of spell on me
You know you can make me do anything you want me to
No request is too taboo, must be voodoo baby
You know all the things to say, to make sure that I always stay
You know how to get your way, must be voodoo baby

You hold the power with the doll that's in your hand
Stick it with a pin and you've got me at your command
In the midnight hour darkness falls across the land
You tame the beast within, turn the monster into man

Every day with you is like Halloween
You know a thousand ways to make me scream
You took the dead in me and made it come alive
Nothing in the world can tear me from your side
You could look like the creature from the Black Lagoon
You could howl like the Wolfman at the moon
You could walk like the Bride of Frankenstein
You still would be mine, all mine
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