Time (Goes On) Lyrics

Time has told that you're cold, bought and sold
Gotta level the load, listen to the tale that's being told
Time has come, see you run from the gun
Must drink to get numb while you're sittin' in the morning sun
Time will tell, hell's bells ringing loud
Gotta duck from the buck shot fired at the f****** crowd
Time turns, rhyme burns as you learn
The little lessons in life treat whom you meet right
Time"ll see just what you can be
Try to flirt but you hurt, growing like a disease
Time tells, hell's bells ringing in my eardrums
Here it comes, here it kiddy-come-comes
Time for the devil as the level goes up
Gotta stick to get stuck, got me drinking from the poison cup
Time for crime, 'cause it's all in the mind
Gotta change the design when I'm signing on the dotted line

Time goes on, yesterday is gone
Life moves on, live it before it"s gone
Time moves, rhythm grooves
Give them all of what's been removed
You ain't got nothin' to f****** prove
Time escapes thru the gates, from the love and the hate
Debate all over fate all over lobster and steak
Time sweeps, rhyme creeps up, up the leg of your mind
As the rhythm takes you from behind
Time-time, tick-tock as you keep on running from the clock
Between a hard place and a rock
Time gives as you live from your hand to your mouth
Is that really what life's about?
Time travels, unravels all the mysteries of your life
Discover wrong from the right
Time brings, rhyme sings, rings from the beat
While you're sleepin' on the f****** street
Time tocks, mind mocks, get shocked
Hear the click of the clock before all time stops
And now you try the denyin' with all the cheatin' and lyin'
Were never beaten' but cryin' to all the friends you be buyin'
You"re spreadin' like a disease
And you're never pleasin', just teasin'
And no more reason for treason and no more huggin' and squeezin'
The fashion for the distraction reaction to the retraction
The trashin' all in a fraction
Your words speak louder than actions
You"re always goin' and goin' and never showin' you knowin'
And never wantin' to growin' and never learn from my flowin'
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