On the Other Side Lyrics

I spent my days waiting
For something that would come and save me
Searching for more than what this life had gave me
I thought the grass would be
Much greener on the other side
But there's no such thing as a free ride
Now I spend my days pushing daisies
Collecting dust 'till I go crazy

On the other side
I"ve heard all the times you've cried
Ever since I crossed the line
I"ve got nothing but time
Life"s just fine on the other side
And now you spend your days
Wondering why I went away
Trying to find some meaning in your life's design
Why waste the present thinking only of the past
We never know if today will be our last

You should spend your days picking daisies
Don"t spend your time reflecting or you'll go crazy
No matter what we do
We're never ready for our final situation
No matter what we choose
We all end up at the same destination
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Post-Hypnotic Stress Disorder (2002)
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