We Like To Love Lyrics

Standing here without you I"ve got nothing to say / Seems my
guardian angel had the day off today / Someone ahead of me is calling out my name /
Without you I can"t stay / Standing at the gates they asked me what did I learn / So
glad I got this far and still my soul hasn"t burned / Feels like I"ve run a race but haven"t
even moved / Without you it"s so cold / But without you I now know / (Chorus) Love is
for the inspirational / Love is for the supernatural / All this time we spend on earth and
just give it away / Love is for the conversational / Love is for the two dimensional / Love
is for the common people so give it a try / Cos we like to love we like to love "til we cry /
Yeah we like to love we like to love "til we die / Standing here so bare with no possessions to
hide / Not too early or too late just got here in time / What feels so dangerous is this view
is so sublime / Without you I"m right here / Without you I can"t hear / (Repeat chorus) /
Now with retrospect and reason / I can see life"s one true meaning / Love me, Love me /
There"s no future in the fi nal act / So I sit looking back to when you loved me / You loved
me / We like to love / (Repeat chorus)
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