Love Won't Wait Lyrics

When I first saw your face
I knew that I could not hesitate
You said 'Baby, don't go too fast'
If we do then it may not last
Time went on and I waited for you
I didn't know what else I could do
I thought that we'd always be together
You said 'Hold on it just gets better'
And I believed you, I kept holding on
You think that I can never leaved you
You think I'm not that strong, you're wrong

Love won't wait
Forever and a day
Love must live in the here and now
Don't ask me how I know
So here I am with my heart on my sleeves
You said, 'Baby put your trust in me'
But I've come to the end of the line
And you've wasted up all of my precious time
Wanted to be something special to you
Everybody is somebody's fool
Won't be a fool, no you've got me all wrong
You don't know what you had till it's gone
Love takes time
But you've been taking too long
Time never waited for anyone
Don't wait too long or I'll be gone
Don't wait too long or I'll be gone
I'll be gone

That was an empty thing that I wouldn't do
You led me on, you even said 'I love you'
How can we go on when it's tearing up apart
Are you going to break my heart
Cause I believed you
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