Dying Inside Lyrics

How can I make sure no one notices me
I don"t wanna conversation
with nobody
And it hurts too much to say how I feel
What you don"t know, is all I know
How can I make sure that I fool everyone
Gonna wear a suit and tie and put my
bravest face on
And it"s far too deep to show you this wound
It won"t heal no time soon
Nobody knows what I"m going through
I"m dying inside
Who knows
what I"m thinking
What I"m trying to hide
Yeh I"m dying all night
I"m breathing but
I can"t feel life
I"m smiling but I"m dying inside
How can I make sure I"m invisible
Or find just a simple phrase that may say it all
Cos it"s far too soon and not the right time
What I"ve seen was for my eyes
And how can I make sure no one worries for me
┬┤Cos I don"t need helping hand
and don"t want sympathy
Don"t know what I need but know
what I don"t
What you can"t see it feels so broke
That you can"t see is how I"ll cope
(Repeat chorus)
Want everyone around to think that I"m alright
Hope they a**ume
I"ve left the dark and found the light
Want them to think that I don"t cry myself to sleep
at night / (Repeat chorus)
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