Wish I Was Lyrics

I wish I was a willow tree
Leaning on a lazy breeze
Moving like a midnight train
Midnight train to Georgia
I wish I was a grain of sand
Laying in a baby's hand
Falling like a diamond chain
Into the ocean
A willow tree
Is strong enough to bend
Never like the oak
Who lives in fear of the wind
A grain of sand
Is all I ever wanted to be
Lay me down and let the water
Wash right over me
Right on over me, oh
I wish I was an old guitar
Sitting in a beat up car
Hitting every two-bit bar
From here to Texas
Then I wouldn't be ashamed
To look up my old friends
They would be so proud
To see me strung up again
Repeat Chorus

Nobody wants you
When you're down and out
Nobody wants to know your name
You're just another face
Lost on the crowded street

Repeat Chorus

Right on
Right on over me
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