What's Gone Is Gone Lyrics

Gamma - What's Gone Is Gone

The sun casts no shadow
And I'm blinded by the sky
I'm up here alone on patrol
And I just don't know why
I've been looking for worlds
With possible life
There's a voice on the wire
But nothing in sight

No destination
Past lies beyond
What's here is forever
What's gone is gone
Is this stillness of motion
It's so hard to say
When you get me connections
You're so far away

This is the strangest system
I thought I'd seen it all
A world full of shadows
After the fall
Repeat Chorus

Is this some kind of madness
I think I've had too much
Voices coming thought the night
Like the echo of a touch

Stars fall beneath me
Like grains of sand
Time flows through my fingers
The lifetime of a man

Repeat Chorus
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Gamma 3 (2002)
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