Four Horsemen Lyrics

Gamma - Four Horsemen

When you wake up in the night
And you're shiverin' with fright
You're not so sure if you're alone
So you tremble in the dark
And sound like a meadowlark
Your average is out
On the telephone

The four horsemen will surround you
At each corner of your bed
The four horsemen gonna take you
For the things you've done (and)
The life you've lead

So you think about your past
Is this thing gonna last
Your life flashes by in an instant
So you wonder what've you done
Don't let'em take away your sun
Your frightened now
And brother you know it
Repeat Chorus

So you wake up to the dawnin'
you know they're givin' you a warning
Giving you the clue to a mystery
You begin to realize
As the sleep will leave your eyes
It's time to wake up
To what must be
Repeat Chorus

They're giving you a warning
The four horsemen gonna take you
For the things that you've done
They're gonna take you
Take ya, take ya
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Come on, ow
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