Together Forever Lyrics

Together forever
and ever apart
forever and ever
are you in my heart
together together is what we will be
'cause baby you're the one that i need
I don't know what's going on
And I don't think
you are threating me right
and no matter what you whant from me
baby you know I want you by my side
What can I do to comfort you?
You know your wish is my
command you better speak of
all you let me know
'cause we are coming near to the end
girl tell me girl tell me
why you're looking for something
no shouting no feelings no hurting
and you know that love rules
ratatatat love hurts like a gun
no pleasure no comfort
not happy no fun
we're talking about the rlatinship
so what can we do?
we got to get together forever it's true
let's forget all the stress
and lets wake up just one more time
together forever are you and me
and baby please baby please ba mine
oh yeah can you feel it
I'm coming to save you
togetherness forever
is what I gave you
a shot deep feeling
of love and affection
I always love you
and I want to protect you
you're my heart and a part of my soul
togetherness forever
as we grow old
here to say in a special way
together is how we'll stay
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