Back in the Days Lyrics

You and I remember the time
when we had some fun
and together as one
you and me in the sun
and now it's all over
we went different ways
remember the time
it was back in the days
it was back in the days
it was back in the days
it was back in the days

remember it was you and me
chillin' out in front of the TV
watching bill cosby we had some fun
had some popcorn till the morning sun
we knew each other for the playground
I loved your voice and your funky sound
yes your parents they've been friends real tight
we had some trouble we had some fight
but at the end of the day
everything was alright
and we hold each other so tight
you're my girl the one for me
I wanna be with you baby can't you see
I'm reminiscing
riding in my car
driving down the street
the sky full of stars
I let this beat pump
in my stereo
hoping that we hear our song at the radio
'Now that we found love'
was the song that we heard all along
I can't help it
I still miss you
all I wanna do is hold you and kiss you
all these things come back in diefferent ways
back in the days
Back in the days everything was complete
you're in my heart and I was your beat
but now it's over god took you away from me
I can't stand the pain and it scares me
will I be the same the same that I was
I need a break girl
give me a buzz
From the pain that I'm feelin' deep deep inside of me
I'm out there living in memories
we used to eat burritons
the white hot chilly-pepper
I thought that we'd stay together forever
all these things happen every day
It was back in the days

[Chorus x2]
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