Oh Yeah Yeah (I Like It) Lyrics

Oh yeah yeah
A brand new day is dawning
Oh yeah yeah
come great the sunny morning
yeah I ike it
Oh yeah I like it
Let's start a brand new day
Let me take you to a place
where the sun beats down forever
Look there're palm trees everyhere
endless fun and clement waether
smilin' faces all around
blue sea gleamin' in the sunlight
snow white sand and ocean breeze
sun-Tanned folks havin' a good time
get up get up and come with me
this is for the party people
listening in their cars
it's the b**pety b**pety beat
coming from the stickety stickety stars
early in the morning can't seem to wake
quater past eight oh god oh god I'm late
start to move doing the things I have to do
Hopping in my bug
to meet the rest of the crew
at the spot where all is fine
where we all get together
and have some funkdafied good time
Let me take you by the hand
on the beach there's celebrating
there is music the air
come and dance the world away
children lovin' in the sun
gather fruits and taste their
sweetness forget your troubles and have fun
now rest your head and be like me yeah
I jumped in the jeep
and I went for a ride
down to the beach
and straight to the club
we celebrated the party
and we did it non stop
so come on come on cutie
why won't you shake your bootie?
For the man Smooth T
with the Fun factory
we dance till the break of dawn
and we do it all night long
everbody throw your hands in the air
and everybody in the place say oh yeah
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