Stay as Who You Are Lyrics

It's cold It's cold
I'm shivering like I am on ice
No matter how much I think, I can't find a way
But just can't take this fate in
Not even a hope of the sun to rise
(The) wind started to blow now
Lots of emotions that I've killed
There he is Showed up from the oil colored black swamp
Let me just run away from my s***** self
By crossing over the bridge
Running through the crowd while b**ping into people
Everyone looking at me with white eyes
No one willing to save me
Jumping out from the shopping bag, and rolling out
That night, I couldn't stand it and walked my way endlessly
"Good morning" by that random guy saved me
(The) more I view the glow in the morning sky.
(it) makes me think that the other side of earth is maybe like that too
People are struggling to live
This feels awesome

Amatsubu sekai o suberu
awai kioku ga oshiyoseru
kawaranai imēji o mitsukedasetara mou osorenai
Our van
Way to the studio
Are there stopped feelings?
Are there feeling we want?

The rainy days
Meal with your smile
There was already bright light when I went out
We have toured around walking, running stopping, laying down
Communicating, clashing against, being scolded, laughing
together feeling down, succeeding, repeating
(walking, running, stopping, and laying down)
Colosseum where opponents
(Communicating, clashing and against)
Endlessly keep coming out
(being scolded, and laughing together)
It ain't gonna end until you die
(But what increases is not only scars)
Keep fighting, just like how an earphone set inside an armor doesn't melt
(playing endless numbers)
(inside an armor doesn't melt When it goes)
When it goes it ain't gonna end until you die

Were you able to forget everything and become a crazy monkey?
There must be precious memories in a hot summer
Are you ready for the storm that is eventually gonna come soon?
Happiness may differ depending on place and people
Take the appreciation to heart of being able to live today
Find your own ways of living this world logically
There probably aren't people who don't have anything
Let's believe (so and do it)
Just like us, the ants are also fighting to live today
The cherry blossoms that over came the cold winter, will push your back
I've challenged myself to be able to look into our smiling face
Stay as who you are
Close your eyes
Feel and enjoy it as it is
Days that're left for me now
Are you sure you're gonna give up here?
Do you cry when you want to?
The choice is always on you
You can not end here
Are you sure you're gonna stop here?
We always have the rights to stand on the starting line
Although you couldn't yesterday, you can start right now
Because you are here living what life is
Ah When I look back
I can see that lots of people habe raised me, lots have happend,
and that the future
was dark even though I tried
(though I tried)
When someone's back is blocking your way,
just break it down if it's cut off
You just have to build a bridge over it
What you have is not only yours, (now) is it?
So let us sing (for) people who we owe
So let us sing
I'll never fade away forever
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