Flutter of Cherry Blossom Lyrics

The old way I saw in my dream
The kids talking about what to do now with
shining eyes
Closing my eyes
I am alone in the coldness
Feeling really down
Losing all the meaning to live
Everyday is a battle
Knowing it's not right
Can't put my energy against it

The cold winter has passed by
Come on! Let us go to
The school route filled with cherry blossoms
A place kids are still hanging out

Before it's over
Dance like those petals waving in the breeze
Free your frozen self seized in fear
You know the view of the cherry blossoms
(the scene of the cherry blossoms)
Let me send you the view along with my voice
(Let me send the scene to you)
Take the memory to heart, and let's face (em)
all tomorrow
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Don't worry
There should be means to the place
You were raised, and the people
You met there
It really means a lot to me

Where are we heading towards?
What are we going to live and die for?
Reflecting on the tears, efforts, and regrets
Find the answer, if we live our lives today (to)
the best
The light pink petals
Don't you wanna flutter big if you're eventually
gonna scatter apart?

For it is over
(We have to step hard)
Achieve the power to beat yourself
Come on
Here, grab this hand
Everyone is scared, so let us step on the steps
(Everyone is scared, everyone is a coward, so let us step now)
Starting slowly tonight
And at last, dance hard
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