Counterattack by the Sesame Sized Bodies Lyrics

Is there food for me?

Perfectly idiotic, so many rules The feudal society
Perfectly idiotic, so many rules The underground royal palace
Perfectly idiotic, so many rules Carrying more
things again today
No! I wanted to fly high, to fly high
I walk forward on ground,when god has torn off my wings
No! It's bigger than a tank! than a tank!
No chance to win but we gotta go

There are ones (that) have brain and one's who don't
There are unfair rules of society
So now we'll start rocking in a show
Who is gonna do it all if you don't, come on!
Wow Oh!

Looks like it got cut off
I should get out of this nest filled with slaves
How far can we go with the two of us?
Is there a satisfying paradise somewhere?
Can we avoid more sins?
Not even knowing that, I don't want to end up as soil
We will end up, at...
The time covered up with shadow
The time that the rain poured down
The time that I faced a mad toad
To find the way out of this fate that is cursing me
Why don't you try going on a quest when you have the power
There are no reasons why this place here is a safe one
Why would I drown here when our lives will be
soon taken away

Just a bit after we left
The s***e we were in was covered up
(The) reasons are usually nonsense when lose
When losing everything, man?
A friend that sent us out

We don't shed tears, but we shave our little sesame
sized boodies and feel the sadness
But yet, there's no reason to give up

We are a working ant
For ourselves and living our lives to love
We are living with the given life
We are a working ant
For ourselves and living our lives to love
Working hard with our little bodies, get ready
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