Mono Virus Lyrics

T'was the week before christmas
And all through the town
All the people were trippin
Then somethin came down
I never knew i had it
Day after day the dullness grew
Then one day i just felt plain lazy

[Refrain 1]
Yes, i have it
I have it
I am infected

Mono virus
I got the symptoms
I need the cure
I want to go to bed
Kiss me, kiss me
Get ahead on the door
You wont see it comin'
Day after day after day
Then one day you'll just feel plain stupid

[Refrain 2]
Oh yes you have it
You gotta have it, you gotta have it
Well you have it, you have it
You are infected

[repeat Chorus]
Repetition, same s*** everyday
Every year change is forbidden
Restrained by the fear
Apathically speakin
Its been a long time
The cake remains the same
Now beat on the doldrums
Beat on the doldrums
Now beat on the doldrums

[repeat Refrain 2]

[repeat Chorus except 1st line]

I got a Monovirus
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