Combo on the Run Lyrics

We took a trip by boat
Into the promised land
To sing a different note
Man I don't understand
We wanted their attention
Our b**** went up so high
They wanted too much poison
And warrant's "cherry pie"
It's a crying, crying, crying shame

We didn't have no dough
We didn't have no clue
But we lived a life of kings
Dined on some royal stew
We felt like s***** rockstars
Our pictures on the wall
We're Robby's pekaloids
Running silly down the hall
I wanna go home now
Back to my old home town
Where I can sing the blues
Let's stop this running around
I miss the people dancing
I'm just saying this but baby
You can bet your puwet
I'll do it again sometime for the money
Combo on the run!

It's a crying shame
(Well, find first stanza, chorus and repeat)

4 ultraelectromagneticpop

(gtr solos
Marcus climax)
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