The Elder Race Lyrics

Look through the mystic door at the hidden depths
which all men share.
Long and hard was the war when man usurped the earth
Last to fall the serpent men, driven into the waste
and left to die.
They return as priests of their evil c**t in human guise
Back to the palace, puts in trust in a man
he does not know
Can't believe the things he does who
His very chamber underlined with hidden halls
There is no idead what this night will befall
From the wars of old
Etched on all men's souls
Eldrich words only man can speak
Mystic runes, they must keep alive
Into bed, and feign deep sleep, Tu-the counselor-knife bared
creeps. Traitor slayed his face doth change, there leers
in its stead a vile serpent's head.
Can't you see they're coming back to rule the world again
Plot revenge through their evil c**t - the serpent men
He looks out and wonders, which are men and which are not
He speaks the eldrich words, which he was taught
They rush the dias, victory finds defeat
Burst through the throne room, some one in his seat
Blades unsheathed, totem's face
Which will win, tiger of snake?
Fight ensues, traitor slayed
To purge the earth, the promise is made.
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