Hear My Screams Lyrics

A sickness in my body, disease within my brain

Psychic trauma - emotional madness, my mind's filled
with fear and pain

Enter my subconscious, memories not my own

Realities but a dream, that won't leave me alone

Blackness fills my empty void

Things not what they seem

Suicide reigns as tyrant

Darkness rules supreme

Watch in fear as I take control of you
Panic stricken - overridden, won't know what to do

Cannot men a broken heart past the point of madness

Tears you wear as you sleep only bring you sadness

Leave me be I'll tell you know

Quit screaming in my hear

When darkness comes to you
I'm the only one who'll hear you scream

Scream - fighting for your life

There is no insight

Darkness rules supreme

No one hears your scream

My dear dead brain cries out to those of you who've had

No one to stand beside you when you're going mad
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