Dream Death Lyrics

Arriving home but feeling distraught

Life's not what it used to be, but that's the way it was taught
Leave behind the fear of sleep and the oncoming visions

It's the battle of your mind, of love and decisions

PRECHORUS: Because the mind knows weakness

And weakness is fear

In a land where you can scream

but no one can hear

Enter this timeless plane

mind's torment and pain

You only have death to lose
and your life to gain


Dream death - somebody get me out of this nightmare

Dream death - never thought life could be so d*** evil

Ask god to help but he seems to be blind

He would help you if he could but evil's in the mind

Contemplate suicide but the dreams won't go away
Death ends life and life starts death, it's easier that way



Hide in false illusions, is that the only way

you can escape the hate

Put away the past, before your moral freedoms

are taken away

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