Westside Lyrics

[Hook: Chris Brown]
I see you workin' that baby
You need to bring your a** to the Westside
Tonight we tryin' to freak some
Bring a friend, bring a friend, it's a threesome
So tell me girl what you drinking?
We gon' have a good time, it's a party
So bring your a** to the Westside
[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
Look, Virginia n**** on a California king size
Pull your panties to the left, let it G slide
Bonnie & Clyde, ride or die
That's what you need right?
Her daddy OG, she grew up on the East Side
b**pin' and humpin' like it's nothing, feel like a a**matic
69 her favorite, that's simple mathematics
And she can tell by my eyes I love that a**-clapping
A n**** looking suprised, she got my name tatted
She a fan, f*** any n**** affiliated
Went from drug dealing to [?] graduated
But I deal with her, and let her think she made it
I'mma spend it all, s*** I'm just playing baby
A 100k for the strippers, just me and my n*****
After that we party with b****** and sippin' on liquor
Inhalate them n*****, let them [?] fly
That's how we do it on the Westside
[Hook: Chris Brown]
[Bridge: Chris Brown]
You ready? Just give me a sign, girl
Cause that body looks amazing, girl
And I'm ready to give you the time of your life, baby
I think you deserve a change
Girl I'm falling in love tonight, my hand up your thigh
I see you don't give a f*** tonight, girl show you right
Let's not waste our time, like it's a 9 to 5
Me and you, both together
Getting freaky on the Westside
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