Girl You Loud Lyrics

[Intro: Tyga]
n***** won't ride for you, n***** won't die for you
b**** I'll ride for you, n***** won't die for you
f*****' in the mornin', makin' love, f*****' in the mornin'
Wakin' up, f*****' in the mornin', n***** won't ride for you
[Hook: Chris Brown] x2
I'm 'bout to get up on that a** right now
Just love me, love me down, now
And you a smoker, I'ma roll up, you blow it down
One more, oh, oh, girl you loud

[Verse 1: Tyga]
I put that diamond in you, boo
Put on your favorite birthday suit
I hit them lights, we in the mood
I'ma slide inside and don't you move
Scorpio, s** drive for two
Who else you know would die for you?
Them n***** ain't livin' that s***
I showed you s*** them n***** won't ever do
This year I do my thing
'Bout to put that def to shame
So high, eyes low
How you scream my name the only time you use in vain
But I swear this time no foreplay and games
Shoot it straight to your naval ring, put it back in, go again
Lookin' at this mess we made but I can't take the blame
[Pre-Hook: Both]
This your bed, you lay in it
I'ma lick it up, girl gon' play with it
Taste so good, I put my face in it
Now she runnin' from the d***, I told her stay with it
[Hook] x2

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
Yeah you are
Steppin' on my heart
You're so cold right now
And you tried to lay me down
But I'm not scared of death, girl
If I die, my love ain't gon' change
Cause we're in deep, hold your breath, girl
Baby I'm in so deep, and you just wanna be loud all night, girl

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook] x2
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