I Bet Lyrics

[Hook: Chris Brown]
Shawty wanna leave with a n****, I bet
Cause she wanna be on TV with a n****, I bet
Bet you never thought that she would cheat on you, n****, I bet
Don't be mad at me
I pull that chopper out and squeeze on you n*****
No sympathy for you n*****
[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
Ho, shut the f*** up, miss me with the bullshit
Balling like a b****, all my n***** hood rich
Bring some b****** to the crib, show 'em what the wood is
Your b**** look like shanayay, nah-uh, oh my goodness
It's 500, that be the block
Then you see that ghetto bird when you hear the shots
Where the plug at? Tell him meet me at the docks
Sent the little homie through, it might be the cops
Hold up, I'm getting money, boy
Your girl want me cause I got them toys
Rari's and the Bentleys and the bender doors
Double decker buses and them private jets I spend it on
Painted on the Maserati, look like it been s****** on
Make her lift her skirt up, if she nervous I'm a pervert
I be in the p**** deep, a n**** f*****' up her cervix
Leave the condoms on the bed, man, I do that s*** on purpose
Cause I hope a n**** see it when he comin' home from work

[Verse 2: Tyga]
I got a hundred on it
She ain't faithful to you, n****
Word around town, you know thots get around
Nah, she testify, wouldn't trust her, homie
I gave her f*** what you know, makes no sense you, ho
Rolls gas pedals, Pockets on roseo
Rosetta, my stones ain't meant for the home, b****
So comfortable, now get your a** off my couch, b****
Bounce s***, mouse s***, put in your mouth s***
I've been playin' with the p****, time to put that thing in
Bang it, I'm bangin', my binger off safety
I'm slayin', she chased it, she swallowed, she wasted
f*****' amazin', pump out that bass like freebasin'
It's a rough demonstration, the mileage, replace it
Come again, I replay it, speed it up, I'm speed racer
Bet if you catch her lyin' she gonna reverse it cause

[Verse 3: 50 Cent]
I bet your b****'ll be ready when I say I'm finna leave
We only f*** with the foreign, Ferrari horse on them keys
You be that n**** she call on when she need someone to love
I be that n****, we just turn up, we just spoiled havin' fun
After the stroking I be nuttin' in her mouth like this
And you come home like, honey, I'm home, come and give me kiss
It's not a thing for me, really not a thing for me
We from different sets, why your b**** wanna bang with me?
All the time, all the time, I be on the grind
Hoes look at me, the dollar signs run across they mind
It's the paper, they know a n**** get it, get it
Shawty gone be with it, let a n**** get it, hold up in it


Ya'll b****a** n***** got me f***** up. I'm not f*****' yall n*****. I don't give a f*** who ya'll is. And I don't give a f*** if you Chris Brown or Tyga. And ya'll not giving me my coin. I wanna be on TV, I wanna be on Love and Hip Hop, on Hollywood and s***. Don't get it f***** up
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