Ryder Music Lyrics

Yeah we can ride to this
Just lay back, crew
Here's a taste of my life, its bitter and sweet
I put my heart out to the sounds of the drums and the beat
I put my life on the line when I'm out on the street
Put my Teflon on and roll with my heat
I keep my circle nice and small, I don't f*** with these clown n*****
In a race for the cheese, I run laps around n*****
Soon as I step on stage, the crowd applauds
Soon as my sneaker wear in stores, Reebok start sore
I ain't gotta say I'm a boss, n***** can tell
The east coast crib, the size of a small hotel
The s*** journalist write about me, get me confused
Have me feelin' like the heavy weight champ when he lose
I read somewhere, I'm h***phobic s***
Go through the hood, there's mad n***** on my d***
Now we can get hostile or we can do this smooth
T&T around, I can still make blow move

[Chorus: x2]
This is what you call ryder music
All the gangstas are ridin' to it
Let's roll, I can show ya how we do it
When we ride to that ryder music (let's go)
(Let's go)
Last year, I woke up, a good look, d*** it feels good
On the low, I done f***** half of Hollywood
Had your favorite actress from your favorite shows
In my favorite position, you know how it goes
In my Bentley b**pin' Prince s*** "This is When Thugs Cry"
This is what it sounds like when hollow tip slugs fly
Homie, this is somethin' you can ride and smoke to
Stay on point, cause n***** will ride and smoke you
Jealousy's for women, but some n***** is b**** made
They make you want to run across they're head with a switch blade
They point their finger at me, sayin' I'm bug
My flows crack you listen, your f*****' brains on drugs
Look, ice drippin' on my neck, hands grippin' on the tec
Fool trippin' through the set, you can get ya a** whipped
Cards missin' out my deck, screws loose show respect
You try to come at me kid, your a** better come correct
[Chorus: x2]

My mama gave birth to a winner, I gotta win
Pray to Lord, forgive me for my sins
Still thuggin', cruisin', rims gleamin'
Like the stones on my wrist
Zonin', guess this is how it feels to be rich
Homie, you hustlin' backwards if you chasin' a b****
Stupid, chase the paper, they come with the s***
I'm fallin', in love with success
Entrepreneur, kinda sewer, I maneuver the best
Rowin', ruger on my lap, rubber grip on the handle
Stunt I'll have ya homies burn a rest in peace candle
As wise men speak, I listen and learn
A man dies, a baby's born, my n***** the world turns
Rappers, I make 'em sick when I say I'm the s***
They mistake my confidence for arrogance, they hate on the kid
In '99, I had a vision and made a decision
Bein' broke is against my religion, now picked up

[Chorus: x2]
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