Hustler's Ambition Lyrics

(Like the fire needs the air)
(I won't burn unless your there)

Yea, I need you, I need you to hate
So I can use you for your energy
You know, it's real s***, feel this!
[Verse 1]
America's got a thing for this gangsta's s***, they love me
Black Chucks, black skullies, leather Pelle-Pelle
I take spit over raymo s***, I'm a vandal
Got that silver duck tape on my Trey Eight handle
The women on my life bring confusion s***
So like Nino from New Jack, I'll have to cancel that b****
Look at me, this is the life I chose
n***** around me so cold, man my heart dun froze up
I build an empire on the low the narc's don't know
I'm the weatherman, I take that coco leaf and make that snow
Sit back, watch it turn to dope, watch it go out the door
O after O, you know, homey I'm just triple beam, dreaming
n***** be scheming, I'm fiendin to live a good life
The fiends just fiendin
Conceal my weapon nice and easy so you can't see
The penitentiary is definitely out the question for me

I want the finer things in my life
So I hustle (hustle)
n**** you get in my way when while I'm trying to get mine
And I'll buck you (buck you)
I don't care who you run with, or where you from
n**** f*** you (f*** you)
I want to find the thing thats in my life
So I hustle (hustle)
[Verse 2]
Yea, I don't know s*** about gymnastics I summersault bricks
Black talents start flying, when a n**** flip
I cook crack in the microwave, n***** can't f*** with me
Man my cold days, they called me chef boy are 50
Check my logic, smokers don't like seeds in their weed s***
Send me them seeds I'll grow 'em what they need
Them ain't chia pet plants in the crib thats chronic
And I'm selling them 500 a pop god d*** it
I sold everything I'ma hustler, I know how to grind
Step on grapes put in water and tell you its wine
If you a***yze me, what you'll find is the DNA of a crook

What goes in my mind, it's contagious
Hypnotic, it sounds melodic
If the rap was the block or spider, I'll be that potent product
Now get a load of me, flashy, far from low key
And you can locate me where ever that dope be, getting money man

[Verse 3]
Its a hustler's ambition, close your eyes listen, see my vision
Mossberg pumping, shotgun dumping and drama means nothing
It's part of the game, catch me in the coupe switching lanes
In the jewels with your chains
I upgrade from 30 BS to clean VS
Rocks that I copped procedes from the spot
I got the energy to win, I'm full of adrenaline
Played it perf and get nauseous, watching the spinner spin
I make plans to make it, a prisoner of the state
Now I can invite yo a** out to my estate
Them hollow tips bent me up, but I'm back in shape
Pour Crystal in the blender and make a protein shake
I'm like the East coast number one playboy B
Hugh Hefner'll tell you he don't got s*** on me
The feds watch me, icey they can't stop me
Racist, pointing at me look at the n**** ratchi

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