Position of Power Lyrics

I told n***** not to shoot dice with me
Look at this stack
I got money
I got money
n**** don't trip
I'll kill ya if you f*** with my grip
I won't hesitate to let off a clip
n**** don't trip
You gon' make me get on some s***
Run up on you quick
What up, you're whipped
n**** don't trip
You gon' get ya monkey a** hit
Run in ya lip tryna f*** with my clique
n**** don't trip
Case you didn't know who this is
Its 50 Cent b****, G-Unit
n**** don't trip

I come through your hood, stuntin' in my yellow lam murcielago, top down, n**** d***
I'm the biggest crook from New York since son of Sam
Cruisin', b**pin' Bugz s***, rueger in my hand
Thinkin' the east ain't enough, its time to expand
I plan to head out west and plant my feet down
A n**** big as King Kong in the street now
I do a lil house shoppin', and buy me a crib
Its palm trees and pretty b****** out in Cali kid
I touched the Hollywood paper, go and shoot me some flicks
Have some supermodel b****** come and suck on my d***
My mom turn in her grave if I married a white chick
But becky'll suck the chrome off a Chevy and s***
n***** be wearin' fake shines, I'm rockin' a lil charm
Thirty carrots on the pinky, kiss the ring on the Don
Crack open that Cali bud, stuff the weed in the bomb
n**** you hustle, but me I hustle harder
I got what you need, them trees, that heart, that powder
My n***** we G packs, every hour on the hour
They shoot when I say shoot, so I'm in the position of power
You f*** around if you want to
Where I'm from, you learn to blend in, or get touched
I don't need n***** for support, I don't walk with a crutch
n***** know my stage, they don't f*** with me son
You got an appetite for hollow-tips, I'll feed you my gun
This is that ferrari F-50 s***, its real laid back
Type s*** you recline to in the Maybach
I got two shooters now, on the run from the fuzz
You get the same s*** for ten bodies,as you get for one 'cause
I live life in the fast lane, 100 miles an hour, chrome and some wood grain
You know a n**** still really tryna move cane
Make a lil extra money on the side mayn
I ain't playin', I'm up early with the birds work
Puttin' that work in, pirrelli's on the Porsche chirpin'
I got a hundred mill from music, a hundred grand from crack
Goin' to see my jeweler, so I can blow a stacks

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