Take Some Time Lyrics

Would you take some time and listen to this song
I want to let you know an please don't get me wrong.
I just wanna know, did you ever questioned
What happened with us?
And did you ever trust in all those happy days
Did you consider a future like this?
Did it hurt you, too see me bleed inside?
Being left alone in desperation?
Now I start to wonder,
What made me feel so wrong?
At home my stereo is playing our song,
And when it's on the radio, I still sing along.
When I remember all the good times, that are gone,
In my heart and in my mind there is still this song.
This is our song, it reminds me of the
Times that are gone now.
This is our song don't you know
That this one is just for you, for you and me!
I don't know what the f*** did I expect?
Too bad its always my fault
All the moments that we shared together
The stars we saw in the moonlight
I already miss you, when will we meet again?
And sometimes when I am all alone I think of you
And I wonder if you do the same?
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