Hello 1984 Lyrics

Welcome to a life where you got nothing to hide.
Count the hours; tell your nightmares -good bye-
It is just to help those innocent people
so scared of everything unknown
A place so sterile, fancy walls and shiny windows
The surface is clean, but rotten in the core
This is the price you pay
For your own liberty
And we will trust in what you say.
But we can't be locked away
Dumb and bound, you won't silence us
f*** your "brilliant achievements"
We will never be safe behind those faceless gates
You an take away our rights, but not erase the thoughts inside
Welcome to the world of a thousand eyes watching you.
Just show us your plastic card and step right through
Hear the sound of justice for the supremacist race.
No matter who the f*** yor are you cannot escape.
Don't you see the terrorist? Burning down the place you live at.
It is just us or them. Now we end like this.
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