Small Steps Lyrics

I am sitting here watching the stars in the dark sky over me
This situation reminds me of the words you said to me during
Those night in the rain: "Please stay till the end"
I hold you in my arms we are alone
I can hardly hear your breath
I won't leave you right now
It is too late your lungs slowly
Fill with blood and I close my eyes
Cause I feel you dying.
The plan was so simple we reached the town in time and
No one was in the street - just the silence....
How does it feel do be oppressed? How does it feel to starve to death?
If you were to ask me I would answer: We came here to end all this.

This is the very first step towards a better place to live
And we will carry on, now there is no turning back
No, we are not battle-trained; we didn't want this war
"Land and freedom" these are the words we are fighting for
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