Rendez-Vous Lyrics

I say goodnight to an everlasting love that's mine
The one that I've been waiting for
I can't deny the way I feel when I am lying by your side
It's a rendez-vous for love
A lover's smile comes across your face as you
Look in my eyes
It's just as sweet as the rain upon my door
Only a touch lets me know
That I'm forever in your mind
It's a rendez-vous for love

1 - It's a rendez-vous for love, you and me
Name the time and place my boy, in the park
Shall we meet?
It's a rendez-vous for love, you're my sweet baby
Baby, you're all I've been waiting for
From the start, come with me
Here we are, finally we're face to face with no regrets
Sharing all that we've ever had to give
Just a moment more, and we'll be riding high on
The wings of ecstasy
It's a rendez-vous for love

Repeat 1

I've got something to say baby, baby
Why don't you come on tonight, come one
It is the Rendez-vous that makes me go to you
Don't want to say good night to my baby
Oh baby, come with me
To the Rendez-vous
And we'll be alone
Come on, you're my sweet
Won't you, it's been so long
That I been waiting for you
Anticipating for you
Ad lib until fade

Repeat 1
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