Just Like That Lyrics

My friends they wonder
What do you have me under
Cuz I'm in a daze
You've got me running circles
The more I think about it
There's no other way

1 - It's in your way
The way you make me feel
Each and every single day
It's in your smile
You're always on my mind
Boy, you really blow my mind
You blow my mind
I'm smiling all the time
Got me smiling all the time
Love you for my life
I love you for my life
Just like that, just like that

2 - Everybody wonders
What you do to me
Warmer than the sunshine
On a day in spring
Pick me up and lift me boy (my boy)
Cuz you know it's your word
I try to tell them
That no other lover can compare to you
And boy they can't believe me
I know they think I'm crazy
But I know it's true

Repeat 1

Repeat 2
Repeat 2

I never drempt that I would say these things
You got me talking about you all the time
I never thought that I would feel this way
Thoughts of you consume my mind
Everyday with you is a holiday
Mmmm, cuz you know
It's your word
Just like that, just like that

Your love has shown me how to fly
Fly baby, fly high baby
It keeps me baby, on a natural high
And I need you morning noon, and night
Mmmm, cuz you know I'm your girl
Just like that, just like that

Repeat 2 until fade
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